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Since 1970, Burleson Monuments has been
helping families create an everlasting expression
of their devotion and love.

Burleson Monument Design & Mfg., Inc., www.burlesonmonuments.com
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Burleson Monuments Design Categories
1) Single Markers- Granite
2) Companion Markers- Granite
3) Single Markers- Bronze
4) Companion Markers- Bronze
5) Double Interment Markers
6) Single Monuments
7) Companion Monuments
8) Premium Monuments
9) Child Memorials
10) Single Slant Memorials
11) Companion Slant Memorials
12) Cremation Memorials
13) Memorial Benches
14) Laser Etching
15) Bronze Plaques
16) Granite Colors
17) Memorial Photos
18) Flower Vases
19) Inscriptions
20) Pet Memorials
Burleson Monuments, Burleson, TX, www.burlesonmonuments.com Included in our price:
ENGRAVING: Name, dates and one additional line of text. Also, if the design shows additional text, it is included. Most text substitutions are OK.
LAYOUT: You will receive a computer generated (CAD) drawing of your memorial.

Cremation Memorials

Burleson Monuments, Burleson, TX, www.burlesonmonuments.com Contact our staff to discuss details including pricing, and design style.
View Granite Options
Burleson Monuments
AE7045 (size: 10X7)
Burleson Monuments
AA745 (sizes: 10X7, 7X5, 5X3)

Burleson Monuments
AA7008 (size: 4X4X4)

Burleson Monuments
Burleson Monuments
Burleson Monuments
AA7028 (sizes:6X4, 4X3)
Burleson Monuments
AA7036 (size:6X6 3/4) Indigo Blue Bronze
Burleson Monuments
AA7037 (size: 6X3 3/4) Red Bronze
Burleson Monuments
AA7035 (size 6X3 3/4) Blue Bronze
Burleson Monuments
AA7034 (sizes 5X4 3/4) Juneberry Bronze
Burleson Monuments
AA7033 (size: 5 3/4 X 4 1/8) Black Bronze

Burleson Monuments
202D Companion
Burleson Monuments

Burleson Monuments
Burleson Monuments

Burleson Monuments
GB210 Rustic Mahogany Granite
Burleson Monuments
Burleson Monuments
Burleson Monuments 9303
Burleson Monuments
Burleson Monuments
Burleson Monuments
Imperial Rose
Burleson Monuments
China Black
Burleson Monuments
Burleson Monuments
Burleson Monuments
Burleson Monuments
RM 776
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Slant Memorials are cemetery headstones that are designed with a slant. Burleson Monument's include engraving, a computer generated drawing, and cemetery required documents, at no additional charge.

Cemetery Headstones, Grave Markers, Cemetery Monuments, Memorial Benches, Memorial Portraits, Flower Vases, Slant Headstone Markers, Bevel Markers, Bronze Headstones, Bronze Plaques, Pet Memorials, and Laser Etching.

Burleson Monuments
Burleson Monument Design & Mfg., Inc. Burleson Monuments, Burleson, TX, www.burlesonmonuments.com Office: 817-295-2662 Burleson Monuments, Burleson, TX, www.burlesonmonuments.com Fax: 817-295-3639 Burleson Monuments, Burleson, TX, www.burlesonmonuments.com Toll Free: 800-863-2662
Email: info@burlesonmonuments.com
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